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The Real Meaning of “Hurt Feelings of The Chinese People”

One of the oddest phrases I have ever heard is: [Person/Organization/Country] hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.

I never thought the Chinese people were so sensitive, so I knew it was the Chinese government trying to speak for the Chinese people. However, as David Bandurski at China Media Project in Hong Kong points out, if you substitute “Zhao Family”, the stand-in for the power elite for “the people”, you will understand the phrase.


The bottom line is that anything that challenges the leadership of the Communist Party in China “hurts the feelings of the Chinese people.” How else could the little island state of Saint Lucia (population: 184,000) hurt the feelings of 1.4 billion Chinese? (And that does not even count all the Chinese-Americans, Chinese-Canadians, etc.

Many thanks to Bandruski for a lesson on the history and context of this oddest of phrases.


Hurting the feelings of the “Zhao family”


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Open Letter to Obama to Pressure Xi on Press Freedom/Human Rights Issues

From the SPJ International Committee blog site:

Journalism and Human Rights Groups Call on Obama to Pressure China

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