Wow! Leading Hong Kong Tycoon Slams HK and China Leadership

One of the great things that still exist in Hong Kong is freedom of speech and press. After all, it is part of the treaty that handed over Hong Kong to China.

In the middle of the whole freedom issue is the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club. The FCC regularly hosts speakers of all political stripe. (Try that in China.)

February 18 David tang, founder of the high-end clothing store Shanghai Tang took the podium at the FCC and basically bitch-slapped the Hong Kong and Chinese governments.

Right up front, Tang takes on CY Leung, the chief executive of Hong Kong, and his policy address, similar to the US president’s State of the Union address. (This is a position similar to a mayor/governor. The chief executive is elected by a select committee of pro-Beijing Hong Kong residents.)

Indeed, in the entire two hours spent in delivering his address, the chief executive did not give the slightest hint of an amoeba of political or social dissatisfaction, yet a great deal of dissatisfaction is prevalent. It was no surprise therefore, that even before the chief executive began his address, four members of LegCo were removed for protesting against his favourite past-time of sweeping what he regards as rotten political dust under the carpet.

The supreme paradox for me is the opening line of his address.

“Since taking office, the current term government has focused its efforts on promoting democracy,” so CY Leung smugly said.

This was his first sentence.

Whoever wrote that for the first sentence for the chief executive, if he himself did not write it, must be a comedian; or perhaps a monkey who accidentally typed up those words on a typewriter. What it all means to me is the disingenuousness of our chief executive and government, and the contempt with which they hold us, the citizens of Hong Kong.

Below is the video provided by the FCC. It is well worth the time to listen to not only the speech but also the Q&A session.

Coconuts Hong Kong provided a transcript of the speech.

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