China launches denial of service attack on GitHub

Once again the Chinese authorities showed their disdain for the freedom the Internet represents.

The Wall Street Journal reported on a massive attack on GitHub, the U.S. coding website.  The attack came through Baidu in an apparent effort to shut down anti-censorship tools.

The attack on San Francisco-based GitHub Inc., a service used by programmers and major tech firms world-wide to develop software, appears to underscore how China’s Internet censors increasingly reach outside the country to clamp down on content they find objectionable.

The distributed denial-of-service attack directed a large amount of Internet traffic from overseas users of the Chinese search giant Baidu. The attack paralyzed GitHub’s website.

The attack appears ot have targeted the pages of and The New York Times Chinese edition.Greatwall keeps track of censored websites in China. As expected, Google searches and Google sites are high on the list of blocked addresses.

Remember that if you search “Tiananmen Square” in China, you get beautiful pictures of flowers and tourists in the square. A similar search in the rest of the world shows the “Goddess of Democracy” and “Tank Man.”

One of the fun things found on was a link to National Network Information Office choir singing the praises of controling the Internet. (But not in so few words.)

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