Angola: Asking questions is not slander or treason

Looks like the MPLA government in Angola does not want to answer questions about screams coming from prisoners inside a police station.

Reuters: Angola reporter on trial for asking about screams at police station

(Reuters) – An Angolan radio journalist has been charged with slander and defamation after allegedly asking questions about screams coming from prisoners inside a police station, an opposition party that funds his radio network said on Thursday.

Opposition party UNITA said Queiros Chiluvia, a deputy editor at Radio Despertar, was detained on Sunday after entering the Cacuaco police station in the outskirts of Luanda to obtain a reaction about screams coming from prisoners.

Rest of story.

This case comes on the heels of the trial of human rights advocate Rafael Marques de Morais.

Freedom House: Defamation Charges Against Angolan Activist an Attack on Free Speech

In January 2013, Marques was charged with filing a false complaint against a diamond mining company, private security company, and seven high-ranking generals, after he accused them of systematic human rights abuses in Angola’s diamond mining area, Lundas. According to Marques, the groups were responsible for frequent violent abuses against artisanal miners, including torture and murder. Marques did not receive official details of the case until January 2014, a year after the charges were filed.

Read full report.

Not surprisingly, Freedom house rates Angola’s political structure as Not Freeand its Press Freedom status also as Not Free and near the bottom of the freedom list.



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