Journalism scenes from movies on other topics

Always a joy to see how other journalists look at our profession as represented in the movies. And I never would have thought of Liberty Valance. To me it is just a Western, But it is all “based” on a newspaper interview.

The Buttry Diary

Occasionally, when journalists at a party or on social media ask one another our favorite newspaper (or journalism) movies, I will answer, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”

Of course, no one thinks of “Liberty Valance” as a journalism movie. It’s a Western. But the whole movie is told through an interview between Ransom Stoddard and Charlie Hasbrouck, a reporter for the Shinbone Star. One of the key characters, Dutton Peabody, is editor and publisher of the Shinbone Star.

I thought about “Liberty” as I was writing an accompanying post about journalism scenes in three recently released movies. What I want to do here is share some favorite journalism scenes from non-journalism movies and ask you about some of your favorites.

Journalists all have our favorite journalism movies (or specifically newspaper movies). Off the top of my head, my favorite non-fiction journalism movie is “

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  1. I saw “Philomena” last night, with no idea, I confess, of what I was about to experience. It is a powerful story and the portrayal of the journalist (whatever Coogan said, being fired didn’t make him no longer a journo) made me proud of our craft. I look forward to reading Martin Sixsmith’s book to learn how he actually unraveled the hidden facts.

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