Chinese government continues to misunderstand what press freedom means

David Bandurski at China Media Project continues his excellent record of poking holes in the falsity of the words and deeds of the Chinese government when it comes to dealing with the media and the concept of press freedom.

His latest contribution — “Media control” in the United States — looks at a blog by an unknown writer who — conveniently — says the opinions are his own. (But the widespread coverage it has been given say otherwise.)

China has learned that international reports — such as the New York Times report on how the families of Chinese leaders amassed a fortune — have a serious play in domestic politics.

Rather than deal head on with the issue of corruption and nepotism, the Chinese government instead decided to twist facts and outright lie to show that the U.S. press is not free and is really controlled by the government and financial elite.

And the fun part is that this commentator from Beijing agrees with the US Tea Party:

[The US media] are particularly inclined to draw their information from liberal and reform-inclined special interest groups


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