Human Rights Day posting removed by Chinese censors

Weibo got nervous about a posting on Dec. 10 about Human Rights Day and so it removed it, even though the posting said nothing about China.

The China Media Project reports a post by Old Mu on Various Topics, a media executive with more than 1.7 million followers on  Weibo, was deleted early morning Dec. 10, International Human Rights Day.

CMP posted the “offending” item:

[Today is a big day] December 10 — World Human Rights Day. Every life is precious, regardless of whether one is rich or poor. No one’s rights can be infringed, whether they are high-level officials or ordinary people. No one’s right to free speech can be infringed, no matter whether they are famous or obscure. On World Human Rights Day, let us embrace equality, embrace human rights! Today, let us salute all those brave people who have sacrificed in the pursuit of human rights. Let us salute all the brave people who fight for human rights.

Read more at: World Human Rights Day post deleted

Guess discussing things such as freedom of speech are just too sensitive for the leadership in Beijing, even on Human Rights Day.

Oh, and the theme for this year’s Human Rights Day was “Working for your Rights.”


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