Fallows: Seeing the local/global connection in small town USA

Wonderful posting by journalist James Fallows from Eastport, Maine.

Eastport Road Map: Global Meets Local in a Very Small Town

Fallows notes all the things the town is doing trying to survive — revitalize downtown, local farmer markets, local museum, etc. And then he points out what could be a major benefit for the town: Eastport is the nearest natural harbor to Europe.

Its siting, “remote” from the rest of America’s perspective, is also a potential strategic plus. [Using] the handy online Great Circle Mapper [you get] the idea that Eastport is the closest U.S. location to ports in Europe.

Having the ideal harbor along the Great Circle may not convert into a major economic boon for Eastport. After all, goods shipped in or out of that port still have a major inland trip to make.

But if Eastport can get a rail station — something they are looking at — then maybe they could become a major trading site between the US and Europe. (Fallows points out the connection to Africa and Asia, via the Northern Passage, is also advantageous.)

It is indeed warming to see a report that shows how local and global work together.

But the, I would expect no less from Fallows. He has seen these connections for years. The real trick is getting local journalists without Fallows’ global experiences to see the connections for their local news outlets.


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