Freedom on the Net report released

The latest Freedom House report on Freedom on the Internet was released this morning.

Among its findings:

  • 34 out of 60 countries assessed in the report experienced a decline in internet freedom.
  • Broad surveillance, new laws controlling web content, and growing arrests of social-media users drove a worldwide decline in internet freedom in the past year.
  • Activists are becoming more effective at raising awareness of emerging threats and, in several cases, have helped forestall new repressive measures.
  • Governments are increasingly looking at who is saying what online, and finding ways to punish them, including getting arrested for simply posting on Facebook or for “liking” a friend’s comment that is critical of the authorities.
  • 35 of the 60 countries assessed had broadened their technical or legal surveillance powers over the past year.
  • Democracy and free speech activists report their e-mail and other communications were presented during interrogations or used as evidence in politicized trials, with repercussions that included imprisonment, torture, and even death.

Read the summary click here.

Read the full report click here.

And to make it easier to understand the connections, the report compares the Press Freedom ranking of these countries with the Net Freedom ranking. (Remember that the higher the number, the less free. And it does look better in the actual report.)

2013 Internet Freedom Index v. 2013 Press Freedom Index

2013 Internet Freedom Index v. 2013 Press Freedom Index


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