In China, realizing the dream means doing what we say

The Communist Party of China loves its slogans. Each new top dog comes up with a catchy phrase to show that he is moving the country forward into a glorious land of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

And now the latest slogan is Living the Chinese Dream, as set forth by Xi Jinping.

Of course, the Chinese dream is being defined by the party leadership. Heaven forbid that individuals might have their own dream about what it means to be Chinese or a resident in China.

To make sure that people have the “right idea” about what the Chinese Dream is, the party is tightening the screws on the national media. But remember, in these days of dreams, it is not called censorship. Now the watch term is “correct guidance.”

Thanks to David Bandurski at the China Media Project in Hong Kong, we now have a better idea of how the media are to describe the Chinese Dream and how they are to build “positive energy”  for this dream.

Dreaming of docile news media

By David Bandurski | Posted on 2013-07-29

Correct guidance of public opinion,” the notion media must adhere to the discipline guidelines of the Chinese Communist Party in order to maintain social and political stability, remains the crux of press controls in China. But now, under the leadership of Xi Jinping, “correct guidance” is being retrofitted for the “Chinese dream,” the ruling Party’s latest leadership vision.

The first reaffirmation of the media’s propaganda role in the context of the “Chinese dream” came back in April, as scores of state-run media were lined up behind a statement called, “Creating Positive Energy for the Chinese Dream with a Fierce Sense of Social Responsibility.”

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