BuzzFeed seriously goes global

Nice to see that BuzzFeed has hired an international editor. (BuzzFeed hires Miriam Elder as foreign editor)

What will be needed to make sure that others beside us foreign policy geeks read the international items is: CONTEXT.

The nature of blogging and contributing to online news sites such as BuzzFeed and HuffPost, often means that the reporter knows a lot about the topic but — unfortunately — not how it relates to Main Street America (or Britain or Hong Kong, etc)

A lot of us will read news of other countries because we know it has relevance in one way or another to our lives. Therefore, the audience for international news postings are self-selected. Yet, at a time when economies and social movements are more globally linked than ever before, it is vital for local readers/viewers to understand why the news from Zimbabwe or Russia or Thailand is important to them.

It will be interesting to see how BuzzFeed handles this situation.


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