New China media policy cuts into Internet and press freedoms

Last week the Chinese State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television issued a new directive forbidding media organizations from using foreign media or websites “without authorization” and from “using Internet platforms to participate in activities such as seeking illegal benefits.”

The agency also required Weibo (China’s Twitter-like site) to keep full records of all accounts.

The notice included “Three Furthers”:

  • further standardize the behavior of news reporters and editors
  • further strengthen the management of media news site
  • further strengthen the management of blogs and microblogging.

Seems the Party leaders always have numbers with their policies.

The bottom line of the “Three Furthers” is that the screws are being tightened on not only the traditional media — newspaper, radio and television — but also the Internet.

As expected, the role of journalists is not defined to dig out information and reporting. Rather, it required “news gathering personnel to adhere to unity, stability, positive publicity…to guide public opinion [and] consciously resist the penetration of harmful information and communication.”

At least there was some reaction among China’s netizens.

  • Even Myanmar is more open than you.
  • I think you should just leave People’s Daily and kill every other newspaper. That way, it will be easy to manage, instead of being so annoying.
  • We’re just one about-face away from North Korea.

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