Censorship rules on Hillary’s call for Internet freedom in China

In honor of the departure of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, here are the censorship rules issued by the Chinese government following here 2010 call for an end to Internet censorship.

(Many thanks to China Digital Times Directives from the Ministry of Truth)

Censorship Vault: Hillary on Internet Freedom

Carry only domestic Xinhua copy regarding U.S. Secretary of State Hillary [Clinton]’s remarks on Internet Freedom. All other coverage must be deleted without exception. Keep close tabs on forums, blogs, instant messaging tools, and social networking services. We urge websites in all locales to earnestly implement these measures. There are still websites which have not implemented related requests with regards to Hillary’s remarks on Internet freedom, and have republished coverage against regulation. We urge websites in all locals to seriously and thoroughly investigate their main and subsidiary sites. Documents not in compliance with these requests must be deleted without exception. (January 22, 2010)

Not only did Clinton call for Internet freedom on January 21, 2010, she also asked China to investigate the hacking of Gmail accounts that lead Google to stop censoring its search engine and eventually end its mainland Chinese operation. China’s Foreign Ministry retorted that “China’s Internet is open” and that Clinton’s speech was “harmful to Sino-American relations.”


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