Mursi sets media crackdown record

Revolutions are supposed to make things better.

So please tell me how is it better for every one that Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has surpassed all the past modern dictators in bringing charges against media workers for insulting the nation’s leader?

Mursi’s crackdown on media sets a new record in Egypt’s history

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said that the number of filed legal cases against journalists was four times more than the number of files reported during former President Hosni Mubarak’s era and 24 times more in comparison to late President Anwar Sadat.

Read the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information report: “The Crime of Insulting the President, a Crime of an Authoritarian Regime”

Severe violations against the freedom of expression, almost 40 blatant violations in the first 100 hundred days of the first elect-president in the history of the modern Egypt.

The reports and religion’s defamation cases were increased.

In the second hundred days of his rule and before it ends, he had a new record in harassing the writers, journalists, newspapers and satellite channels by the charges that deemed to be stigma in the rule of any democratic rule.


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