Brazilian becomes 1st journalist in the Americas to be killed in 2013

Brazilian radio station manager Renato Machado Gonçalves became the first journalist in the Western Hemisphere to be killed this year when he was gunned down in front of his home Jan. 9.

The motive for the killing is not known but local authorities said his profession as a journalist has to be considered.

According to Reporters Without Borders, Concalves did not receive any threats before the attack.

Witnesses said two individuals on a motorcycle intercepted him outside and opened fire. Hit four times, twice in the chest, he died of his injuries after being taken to Ferreira Machado Hospital in Campos. A São João da Barra police station has been given the job of investigating his murder.

One of his colleagues told Reporters Without Borders that Gonçalves was physically attacked at a meeting of the São João da Barra municipal chamber during last October’s local elections. There were several cases of violence against journalists during the campaign, as well as attacks on news media and many cases of court-ordered censorship.

Brazil was pegged as the 5th most dangerous country for journalists in 2012.


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