Ran across this piece: CNN’S ARWA DAMON PROFILED IN VOGUE.

After talking about the article, blogger and journalist John Cairns mused about being a foreign correspondent and all the (perceived) glamour that goes with the title. But he came down to earth with one of the best phrases I have seen on the profession:

It’s glamourous, all right, until you get shot. At which point, it doesn’t seem like such a great career path to take.

Also what he doesn’t mention is how the numbers of foreign correspondents is dropping because more news outlets are dropping foreign coverage. (At least in the USA. I don’t know how the media are doing in Cairns’ Canada.) There are fewer of us each day and that means less reporting on what is going on in the world. And that means American ignorance of global events grows at a time when we should be learning as much as we can about other countries and cultures.

But, one of the really cool things about being a foreign correspondent is becoming a member of the local foreign correspondent club. And if you are in Hong Kong, you get to hang out with legends from the past and present in journalism and drink at one of the best bars in the world.


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