Comments from China on People’s Daily thinking The Onion is real news

By now we have all heard how The People’s Daily fell for The Onion story about Kim Jong-Un being voted “Sexiest Man of the Year.” It took a while for the powers that be in Beijing to realize their mistake but eventually they took down the article. Fortunately saved a screen shot. (right)

Thanks to the China Digital Times, we also now know what the feisty crowd of Chinese Netizens had to say about the blunder:

  • JusticeProtectorTyrael: You really don’t get it. The People’s Daily Online is also a parody site!
  • TeacherHeJiong: Certainly, this mistake was committed by some temporary worker at @PeoplesDaily. It has nothing to do with the “newspaper of truth” @PeoplesDaily.
  • Ivan: Seeing the People’s Daily commit such a blunder, I can’t help but worry about the intelligence of these “mouthpieces”… However, you really can’t blame them. Nowadays, it’s harder and harder to find great, glorious, and correct events. Stretched as they are for positive news, they would seize this opportunity like a fat kid on cake. I can understand if they were so happy that they forgot to judge its authenticity.

And even a South Korean publication got caught:

Nice to see that Tea Party folks aren’t the only ones taken in by The Onion. (But it is kind of frightening to see that the Chinese media masters share the same level of disengaged belief that the U.S. Tea Party has.)


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