T&T withholds public info in fairy tale effort to end crime

On the theory that if you don’t talk about something, that something won’t happen the national security minister of Trinidad and Tobago ordered the police to stop releasing murder statistics. Minister Jack Warner said the reports of violence encouraged people to commit more crime. Jack Warner bans Trinidad and Tobago murder figures

Yeah. Bizarre thinking. If all it takes to end crime is to not let the people know what is going on, then one of the most repressive countries — China — should be crime free. (We know it isn’t) and the most liberal — the United States — should be nothing but a cesspool of criminal activity.

As we see with Honduras, the regular reporting of criminal activity does not promote more crime. Rather, the reporting is helping build a public outrage of poor and corrupt policing.


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Filed under Censorship, Corruption, Freedom of Information

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