Happy 101st Birthday to Clare

script>From my friend Joyce Lau’s blog JoyceylandHappy Birthday, Clare Hollingworth

Clare was a correspondent for The Telegraph. She broke the story of the German invasion of Poland in 1939. In other words, she was the first to report the beginning of World War II.

I had the privilege of knowing Clare during my time in Hong Kong. She was a regular in the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, having lunch in The Bunker and keeping up with the news thanks to the newspapers we kept on hand at the FCC and the BBC satellite feeds.

The following is an interview with Clare The Telegraph carries on its website. It includes a video: Clare Hollingworth: I saw the tanks lined up ready to invade Poland

And now she has made it to 101.

Way to go Clare.

Here is a video of the FCC party for Clare’s 100th birthday:

PS: That was one of the great things about being an active member of the FCC in Hong Kong. So much history resided in the place and with the people who hung out in the bar. I feel very lucky to have been there at a time when many of the giants of international journalism hung out there. (Yes, I missed a lot, but I did rub elbows and share drinks with many great journalists.)


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