UPDATE: Censorship instructions from 2011 Shanghai Metro Accident

China Digital Times just released a previously untranslated set of instructions on how the Chinese media were to handle the September 2011 metro accident in Shanghai.

Censorship Vault: Shanghai Metro Crash

Two trains collided on Line 10 of the Shanghai Metro on this day last year, injuring almost 300 passengers. The accident was initially blamed on a signal failure but was later traced to human error.

The just released documents from the State Council of Information stated at the time:

Please close all news discussion boards related to the Shanghai Metro tailgating incident. Promptly clean up and delete messages which seize the opportunity to attack the Party, the government, Party leaders and the social system. Promptly remove discussions seeking to mobilize or incite action. (September 27, 2011)

Gotta love the Ministry of Truth.

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