Hong Kong is and isn’t China

NPR did a short piece today (Sunday, August 26) on how PCCW is providing Internet connection to Syria, thus keeping the rest of the world informed about the fighting taking place there. (Hong Kong Keeping Syria Online)

The headline is correct. It is a Hong Kong company keeping Syria on-line. The problem is that NPR identified the company as a Chinese company. Several times. PCCW is, in fact a Hong Kong company and that is a BIG difference.

PCCW is indeed outside the Great China FireWall but because it is in Hong Kong, not mainland China.

Yes, Hong Kong is part of China. But under the 1997 handover agreement, until 2047 the Hong Kong-China border is a hard border and Hong Kong retains its civil society — including freedom of speech and press. So it is no surprise that PCCW can provide service to Syria that mainland Chinese residents can’t get.



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