Surprise: Correa is a hypocrite on free expression

So Julian Assange is seeking asylum in the Ecuadoran embassy in London from sex-crime charges in Sweden.  And, typically, his supporters are singing the praises of Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa for protecting Assange and standing up for freedom of expression.

The problem: Correa is hardly a supporter of freedom of expression in his own country.

Maite Rico, a columnist for El Pais in Madrid, wrote about Correa and his move: Correa maneuvers

Ecuador’s government “grants asylum to hacker Julian Assange Australian-and forced into exile director review the Universe, “said the newspaper El Comercio , in reference to the journalist Emilio Palacio, who took refuge in the Embassy of Panama in Quito (and, remember, refused at the time the pass ). “I wish that human rights and freedom of expression that invokes the Government for the respect of asylum without restriction in the country,” says the newspaper Hoy.

And then there is the Committee to Protect Journalists: As it backs Assange, Ecuador stifles expression at home

President Rafael Correa’s press freedom record is among the very worst in the Americas, and providing asylum to the WikiLeaks founder won’t change the repressive conditions facing Ecuadoran journalists who want to report critically about government policies and practices.

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