Chinese editor shuffles continue

David Bandurski reports on the China Media Project website that the publisher of Shanghai’s Oriental Morning Post has been dismissed, and one of its deputy editors has been suspended.

This action is on the heels of other recent shuffling of newspaper editors.

In the most general sense, the two actions — though not in any way related or coordinated — can be read as stemming from an all-round tightening of press controls in China ahead of the crucial 18th Party Congress later this year.

Read Bandurski’s full report: China’s media and “death by uncertain causes”

As noted in the article, maybe the following comments from the Oriental Morning Post had something to do with the firings:

China has reached a point where public power must be checked, where public power cannot be allowed to be held ransom by vested interests, which cannot be allowed to wield monopoly power, the power to control massive amounts of limited resources.

Wielding monopoly power is what the leadership in Beijing is all about.


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