Shuffling newspaper staff: Never a good sign in China

China Digital Times reports that a number of actions by mainland Chinese newspapers have more than a few people wondering if the moves are political in nature.

Here is a summary:

  • Lu Yan, publisher of the Oriental Morning Post, was transferred to head another division of the Shanghai-based Wenxin United Press Group
  • Oriental Morning Post Deputy editor-in-chief Sun Jian was suspended.
  •  The Guangdong’s New Express  chief editor, Lu Fumin, was removed from his post to head the political section of a sister newspaper, while its national and international coverage was slashed and its op-ed page eliminated.

For the full report: Uncertainty Surrounds Newspaper Staff Shuffles

The China Media Project in Hong Kong adds to the story:

In the most general sense, the two actions — though not in any way related or coordinated — can be read as stemming from an all-round tightening of press controls in China ahead of the crucial 18th Party Congress later this year. That simple reading, however, tells us very little about the specific mechanisms that are at work in these cases.

Read the CMP story: China’s media and “death by uncertain causes”


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