China: Growing calls for free press

Thanks once again to China Digital Times for making available discussions among China’s Netizens.

The latests comes on the heels of the Shifang protests against a proposed molybdenum-copper plant. Now the discussion is centering on the need for more transparency and openness.

Dangerous ideas in a country where the government thinks it has the right to control everything.

For China Media Project, Qian Gang analyses online and media coverage of the Shifang protests and finds that official media were almost silent on the topic while weibo was given almost free rein. While the reasons for the unexpected lack of online censorship are not clear, Qian argues that the dynamic created as a result only hinders the development of a healthy media environment.

He argues that the Chinese people suffered from reporting on the proposed plant, the protests and the subsequent violence that was neither free from government interference nor professional.

Read the whole piece: Calls for Transparency and a Free Media after Shifang


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