Demonstrations? Chinese press; Nothing to see here!

Straight from The China Media Project in Hong Kong:

In China’s papers, Sichuan unrest is just a business story

By David Bandurski | Posted on 2012-07-05

Yesterday we shared a number of (deleted) Chinese social media posts on recent protests in the city of Shifang, in which thousands of residents took to the streets to oppose the construction of molybdenum-copper alloy factory by Sichuan Hongda Co. Ltd. While information about the protests on platforms like Sina Weibo was actively removed by the authorities, social media were still virtually the only source on the story available to Chinese readers.

Has the story appeared at all in Chinese traditional media? Yes. But the offerings are not rich, to say the least.

There is quite a pronounced contrast between robust controls on traditional media on the one hand, and a relatively fertile — though constantly undermined and restricted — space on social media.

Rest of story.

Oh, and this is a story of interest to the United States because molybdenum is an important element in modern manufacturing.


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