FCCC No Longer Posting Incident Reports

The short statement from the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China June 26 kinda says it all about operating in the Middle Kingdom:

Important Information: Why we are not posting material

To ensure the continued operation of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China, we are currently not posting incident reports or statements on our website. We are, however, still collecting this information on behalf of our members. If you have an incident to report or want further information about these matters, please contact us directly.

They did the same thing back in February as well.

The Incident Reports section of the FCCC website was a useful window into the problems journalists face working in China.


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4 responses to “FCCC No Longer Posting Incident Reports

  1. Frankie Fook-lun Leung

    Foreign journalists just attend the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ briefings and drink tea while reading the People’s Daily. Why bother to do more.

  2. Frankie Fook-lun Leung

    SCMP means South China Mourning Post or Serving China’s Mouthpiece post.

  3. Just make sure the other features signify an authentic bag..

  4. One celebturneddesigner that we all know, love and mostly can afford is Jessica Simpson.

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