The Ministry of Truth in China strikes again

Gotta love China Digital Times. They often get directives form the Chinese Propaganda Ministry about what may and may not be discussed in the Chinese media.

Here are a couple highlights from Directives from the Ministry of Truth (Update)

  • Regarding Guangzhou government employees receiving 1.4 billion yuan [US$219 bn] in free health care annually, surpassing health coverage for 2.1 million peasants: Do not report, comment or republish anything on this issue.
  • Regarding heavy metals found in certain batches of Yili Brand milk powder and the seven-month pregnant women in Yuping Village, Cengjia Town, Zhenping County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province who underwent forced labor: if any media outlet reports on these stories, only Xinhua News Agency’s wire copy may be used. Do not hype these stories, do not exaggerate them, and do not offer in-house reporting or commentary.

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