China objects to facts, creates its own

Seems the powers that be in Shanghai are really ticked off that the U.S. consulate in Shanghai is using U.S. air pollution standards in evaluating how dangerous the pollution is in River City. This is on the heels of the U.S. embassy in Beijing posting hourly reports of the levels in Beijing.

The air is crazy bad in Beijing, and no great shakes in Shanghai, either

Seems the leadership of the People’s Republic seem to think that heavy metals and other pollutants do not affect the Chinese people the same way foreign devils are affected.  (But hide behind the “different stages” argument.)

The Shanghai Daily quotes Shu Jiong, an environmental professor at East China Normal University, who “questioned whether it was proper for the Consulate to use the U.S. standard to evaluate Shanghai’s air quality.” Shu told the paper’s reporter: “The two countries have different demographic situations and are at different steps of development, so it will be more suitable to use the Chinese standard to evaluate the air quality in Shanghai.”

Is it any wonder that the people of China do not trust what the Chinese media puts out? Mothers and fathers can see the damage the pollution does to their children. But the leadership orders the press to toe the party line and make excuses.

Once again evidence that political leaders threatened by facts will not find ways to correct dangerous situations but will try to create their own set of “facts” to meet their political agenda. (And this is not restricted to China.)

Interesting thing about science. The laws of physics and safety apply across the board. It is only political minds that seem to think they can have their own “facts.”


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