Excellent story about Honduras by the BBC

Once again the BBC shows why they are the gold standard for in-depth reporting.

From Our Own Correspondent:  Linda Pressly in Honduras

Pressly looks into the high murder rate in Honduras and the impact it has on the people of Honduras. She also shows how anyone can be a victim. Unlike the CNN piece a while ago — while a good view of the reasons for the rise in murders, spent a lot of time on the neighborhoods where no gringo would even think of visiting. And, to many non-Hondurans gave an unbalanced view of the “big picture.”

Unfortunately too many of those who complained about the CNN piece (Narco Wars) seem to think that as long as the crime is restricted to the barrios and “poor” districts it is not an issue for the “rest of us.”

The crime situation is real and it is in every neighborhood. I think the BBC piece covers that issue much better than the CNN one. Pressly looks beyond just the narco wars and tells the stories of a number of Hondurans from different walks of life.


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