China bans comments on websites

Once the Chinese government realized that people in China were going to use microblogs — such as Twitter — it moved to make sure uncontrolled groups — such as Twitter — could not operate within China. Local versions of Twitter — those more “understanding” of the government’s desire to limit open comments — were set up.

The sites allowed for comments but always were on the watch for “destabilizing” comments from malcontents.

Now it seems even comments are too much for the censors in Beijing.

Weibo Comments Suspended in Coup Rumour Aftermath (Thanks to China Digital Times.)

What Beijing has not yet understood is that rumors will continue to spread as long as the iron heel of the censors remain on the throats of the media. No one trusts the media in China because the government controls it. The people have no independent way to judge what is going on because the government does not allow it. So rumors take the place of real news.

What is true in China is true in any dictatorship or any place that seeks to control the media.

One of these days the leadership in Zhongnanhai will learn that controlling the media leads to instability and distrust of the government.

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