Censorship, China and the World

Arch Puddington at Freedom House has an interesting piece on The Global Reach of China’s Censors.

[T]he Chinese leadership has developed a pervasive, sophisticated, and highly adaptive mechanism for information control that is meant deny access to “subversive” views while amplifying the party’s message on current affairs.

The actions by the Chinese leadership are nothing new — in their goals — it’s just that new technology and weak-kneed Western institutions allow the Chinese government to play its games on a bigger stage.

The only way to describe the way the Washington Post handled Chinese Vice President Xi’s “interview” is deplorable. The Washington Post’s ombudsman agrees: Caving to China’s demandsOnly after getting its hands slapped by the Ombudsman did the Post explain what happened.

And it is really no surprise that Chinese agents would harass CNN journalists at the China-Nepal border, nor that some of these same agents would continue the harassment into Nepal. The news, rather, is that this time the agents were so open about it.

Many thanks to Freedom House and its China Media Bulletin for raising many of the issues of Chinese censorship.

A couple other good sites to get news and information about China’s censorship regime are:

Two of my favorite bits of Chinese censorship, however, remain the efforts by the secret police to prevent CNN from filming anything at Tiananmen Square in the lead up to an anniversary of the June 4, 1989 killings of student demonstrators and how much an Australian team was followed in China.

Aussies confront “followers”

Police use umbrellas to block CNN reporters


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