Venezuela court upholds ruling against independent media

Once again a Venezuelan court showed its loyalty to Hugo Chavez instead of the rule of law — including freedom of the press.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court orders fine to be paid by TV news channel Globovision

The complaint against Globo was that it had engaged in “an apology of crime, disturbing public order and Causing people to become anxious.”

Sounds pretty bad, but what Globo really did was report on  a riot at a prison, along with clashes between soldiers and inmates.

The real “crime” Globo committed was not bending to the propaganda will of the Chavez government. And the government — or at least Chavez supporters — underscored their contempt for Globo by attacking and firing on Globo reporters covering an opposition political rally Sunday.

As the Committee to Protect Journalists points out:

Globovisión is the only network critical of Chávez that is still on the air. Another opposition station, RCTV, was forced off cable and satellite TV in 2010 after its broadcast license was revoked in 2007.

IAPA Statement: IAPA Condemns ratification of multi-million-dollar fine on Globovision



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