Follow up to China: More open with more control

No sooner had Wang Chen, director of the State Council Information Office, told the world that Beijing was was going to compel people with micro blog  to use their real names and other information, than the Netizens of China stepped in.

China’s ‘Netizens’ React to Stricter Rules on Microblogging

Wang said the new rules were a wish of  Chinese Internet users known as “netizens.”

Internet user Mengfei asked for “convincing proofs” that Chinese netizens actually want a name registration system. “When I heard this, it made me want to curse,” he wrote in a post on Thursday.

As noted before, the whole purpose of the new rules is to control the message. A purpose not lost on Chinese Internet users:

A netizen nicknamed Mister Langfeng said that the real name registration system would further limit opportunities for free expression for Chinese Internet users.

‘Nuff said!


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