Any chance of a US study after UK study shows TV news ‘not dumbing down’?

Many thanks to Roy Greenslade at the Guardian for discussing this issue. TV news ‘not dumbing down’, says study

The study, From Callaghan to credit crunch, finds that television news on the main domestic channels continues to provide viewers with a comprehensive and serious account of the day’s national and international events.

It reveals that between 1975 and 2009, despite huge technological and economic upheavals in broadcasting, there is no evidence of a significant shift towards a tabloid agenda in the main evening news bulletins.

Throughout that time, the proportion of serious news carried by the main BBC, ITV and Channel 4 bulletins has never fallen below 65%.

And in the USA, I just don’t know. From what I have seen on the networks and in local on-air material, I seriously worry about the state of U.S. television reporting.

Would be nice if my fears are misplaced


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