Local jobs through international cooperation

As 2012 came to an end the U.S. economy got some good news in an announcement between an American company and a Brazilian one that will result in 1,200 jobs in the United States.

Sierra Nevada Corp. (USA) and Embraer (Brazil) announced Dec. 30 an agreement that will produce the highly versatile Tucano plane in the United States for U.S. military use.

The good news — besides the jobs — is that it once again gives local journalists in Florida, Texas and Oregon a reason to look more at how the LOCAL economy is helped by INTERNATIONAL agreements. All without leaving the country.

It would also give these same reporters and excuse/reason to look at the economic situation in Brazil to see how it might affect the local situation. And along the way, maybe even take some stories from the wires about life and politics in Brazil.

Best of all, the agreement came not because of a jingoistic “American exceptionalism” policy but because of sound economics from the private sector (Sierra Nevada and Embraer) and solid diplomatic work to smooth the way for investments in the States from other countries.


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