Egypt politics in the USA

There are always ways to find local angles to international stories.

The Arab Spring uprisings may have encouraged some local news organizations to seek out their own local Arab communities for comments and insights.

Now Tunisia and Egypt are in the “process” phase of the revolution. No more massive rallies or confrontations with the military or police. Just people trying to create a new society.

Now would be a good time to seek out Tunisians and Egyptians in the States to get their reactions to the emerging political process in those countries.

To help with the Egyptian side, local news organizations can start with the participants’ list of a conference recently held in Washington, D.C. where hundreds of Egyptian Americans met to discuss Egypt’s  future.

VOA story: Egyptians Americans, Activists Join Forces Ahead of Upcoming Elections

Conference site: Egypt the Revolution Conference/The Road to Democracy & Economic Development

This gathering included speeches from a number of the candidates for the Egyptian presidency.

I am sure that with a little work, a local reporter could find someone from the local area who attended this event. That person could then explain in terms local people can understand why it is important to keep on top of the developing story in Egypt.

(Notice how I worked in “Local! Local! Local!”?)




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