“Mastering of new trends in cultural development” and other smoke and mirrors activities in China

Gotta love the Chinese government. They — like many other political institutions — hide their real meaning behind other words.

But at least others — journalists and human rights advocates — can translate the meaning for the rest of the world.

What Beijing calls “mastering of new trends in cultural development” is just a smoke screen for “Get a handle on these free thinkers on the Internet.”

Read more at: China Mulls Reforms to Tighten Grip on Media, Web

Other translations from “Zhongnanhai speak” to “real world speak” include:

  • “One who stirs up trouble” = A free speech advocate
  • “hurting the feelings of the Chinese people” = a foreign government or organization doing something that upsets the party leadership, such as having a meeting with the Dali Lama.
  •  “China endorses a policy of religious freedom” = As long as there are no ties to Rome or the Dali Lama and as long as each of the religions do what the party says.
More translations later.




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