Political arrest in Hong Kong upsetting

Many thanks to Global Voices for this report.

China and Hong Kong: Citizen Arrested for Wearing Political T-shirt

Li Keqiang, China’s current vice premier and premier-to-be, began three-day visit to Hong Kong on August 16, 2011. On the first day of his visit, Li tried to show concern for Hong Kong people’s livelihoods by visiting a center for the elderly and a residential campus in Lam Tin district. However, Li’s “friendly” gesture turned into a performance of political brutality when a male resident was forcibly dragged away and arrested by a number of “men in black”, because he wrote a political t-shirt with the slogan “Vindicate June 4“.

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I thought the use of  blog postings about the incident added to an understanding of the situation and the reaction of the politically active and aware in Hong Kong.

For the uninitiated (or forgetful):

  • June 4 is the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre when Chinese troops crushed a growing democracy movement.
  • While Hong Kong is a part of China, the region enjoys political, social and economic freedoms unheard of in mainland China. It is the only place under Beijing’s rule that allows for freedom of the press, speech and assembly.
  • Hong Kong is also the only place under Beijing rule that has annual June 4 commemorative ceremonies.

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One response to “Political arrest in Hong Kong upsetting

  1. I’m glad you blogged about this, Dan. It really is ridiculous when we’re told we have freedom of speech, then some guy wandering around in his own neighborhood gets arrested for wearing the same T-shirt that half the city owns.
    It makes me wonder if it’s the HK local police (who are used to thousands marching in peaceful June 4 demonstrations) or if the mainland security / People’s Liberation Army are playing a bigger role than they let on.
    What’s worse is that the police / government didn’t just fess up to doing something really dumb. Instead, they had to backtrack and make up some story about how this guy is actually blacklisted because of some years-old traffic violation. Like every guy who hasn’t paid an old parking ticket in this city of 7 million is going to be known by face to the police!
    That sort of justification reeks of what the police do all the time on the mainland. Someone is arrested for political reasons. Then, after the fact, they find some unpaid tax bill or other minor violation as an excuse.

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