Florida economy buoyed by Brazilians — That old local-global thing again.

I am always on the look out for how LOCAL reporters can report on how the LOCAL situation is affected by an INTERNATIONAL event.

Once again the story of how much Florida depends on Brazilian visitors: Brazilians in Miami shop ’til they drop

Unfortunately for my idea, this report does not appear in a Miami newspaper or website. Rather it is in the Beyond BRICs column of Foreign Policy.

Here is the real kicker that is not mentioned in the article…

Those Brazilians could only come to spend their money in Miami AFTER they got visas from the U.S. embassy or consulates. And those visas can  only be handed out if the U.S. government is up and running.

All those visiting Brazilian have a DIRECT impact on Florida. For every 82 visas issued in Brazil, ONE job is created in Florida. And there are thousands of visas issued to Brazilians every month. (Do your own math.)

So whenever people talk about “shutting down the government,” one just needs to think about how badly the economy of Florida will be hit once no more visas are issued to Brazilians.

And, yes there are similar positive numbers for other popular Brazilian vacation sites.

Final Question: Where are the local stories about how local economies are being saved by international visitors?


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