Bad year for LatAm journalists, not that the US media care

The InterAmerican Press Association joined with just about every other journalism group looking at global press freedom issues to declare that things are getting worse in Latin America. (IAPA calls this ‘tragic year for journalism,’ urges President Correa to respect press freedom)

AFP carried the story as did El Universal. Too bad no U.S. news outlet saw the deterioration of press freedom in the Western Hemisphere as a worthy story to carry.

Let’s go through this again:

  1. Free and independent media mean an outside reputable force to check the abuse of governments and oligarchs.
  2. Checks on the abuse of power mean less corruption and stronger democratic institutions.
  3. Less corruption and stronger democratic institutions means more opportunities for the societies to grow and prosper economically.
  4. Stronger and growing economies in Latin America mean fewer opportunities for drug cartels to get a foothold and fewer people migrating to the United States in search of work.
So tell me again, how press freedom issues in Latin America have nothing to do with domestic U.S. issues? Or why it is not  important to report on these events?

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