Cuban flipping and flopping

I love it when a state-run news agency gets new marching orders.

Official Cuban Newspaper Complains About Transparency

Seems Raul Castro told a recent Party congress that ‘all information should be put on the table along with the reasons for each decision’ and that “the excess of secrecy should be suppressed.” (Except, of course “national security” items. And we all know what a long list of things fit into “national security” in Cuba.)

But here is the fun part.

Granma is complaining about the bureaucratic hoops one has to jump through just to get an interview with a student.

Up until the R. Castro speech, Granma was not silent on the issue of transparency but rather a full-throated defender of government efforts to limit restricted access to interview subjects or information.

I just love when history repeats itself.

For your history homework today: Look up the Pravda reports before and after the Stalin-Hitler pact of 1939. Discuss how the state-run media switched sides with the government overnight. For added points, explain how this is so much better than independent media free of government control.

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