Chomsky turns on Chavez

It took a while but Noam Chomsky looked at the situation in Venezuela and decided that his once buddy Hugo Chavez was amassing too much power and of making an “assault” on Venezuela’s democracy.

The Guardian published a piece on their interview with Chomsky that included the denunciation of Chavez: Noam Chomsky denounces old friend Hugo Chávez for ‘assault’ on democracy

He…faulted Chávez for adopting enabling powers to circumvent the national assembly. “Anywhere in Latin America there is a potential threat of the pathology of caudillismo [authoritarianism] and it has to be guarded against. Whether it’s over too far in that direction in Venezuela I’m not sure, but I think perhaps it is. A trend has developed towards the centralisation of power in the executive which I don’t think is a healthy development.”

It’s nice to see someone whose view of the world is seen as being driven by idealogy see the facts of a situation and respond accordingly.

And despite this major turn, the U.S. coverage is about Chomsky asking Chavez to show compassion for a persecuted judge. (New York Times: Chomsky Urges Chavez to Show Mercy to Judge) The only mention on the U.S. side about the split between Chomsky and Chavez is coming from conservative blogs that are practically giggling with glee.





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