Cheap way to get info and beat censors

In some cases getting an Internet connection is a problem of getting past the censors and in other cases it is just the inability to find a decent connection.

Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation the people of Jalalabad in Afghanistan put together a cheap Internet connection from on-hand junk.

Afghans Build Open-Source Internet From Trash

The system was built with material using open sourced guidance from Fabfi.

FabFi is an open-source, FabLab-grown system using common building materials and off-the-shelf electronics to transmit wireless ethernet signals across distances of up to several miles. With Fabfi, communities can build their own wireless networks to gain high-speed internet connectivity—thus enabling them to access online educational, medical, and other resources.

This is a great example of what the State Department is up to with its grant to help people get uncensored Internet connection: US helping people get around Internet censors

Maybe the bean counters who see nothing positive about small overseas’s grants might change their minds once they see that this program works and is a big benefit to promoting democracy and democratic ideals.



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