Peru’s election reaches into the States

June 5 Peru is electing a president. To make it easier for Peruvian ex-pats to vote, the government is setting up polling stations around the United States.

In Northern Virginia the polling stations are in Falls Church. But these stations are not for just the D.C.-Metro area. These stations are for Peruvians all along the Eastern Seaboard. (Peru’s Election To Affect Traffic in Falls Church Sunday)

Congrats to WAMU for doing this story. But it got me thinking: Just how many Peruvians are in the DC area?

Thanks to our good friends the U.S. Census Bureau, I found — in less than two minutes — the following:

  • In Washington, D.C., there are about 800 Peruvians, accounting for 1.1 percent of all foreign born in the District
  • In Virginia there are just under 14,000 Peruvians, making up 2.4 percent of the foreign born in the Old Dominion
  • And in Maryland there are about 8,400 Peruvians, who account for 1.6 percent of the foreign born in the state.

If I had a little more time I could have tracked down the Peruvian population in the Eastern Seaboard. I could also have found more information about the income, education and jobs of the ex-pat Peruvians.

Sounds like this could have lead to a pretty nice story about the economic impact/contribution Peruvians make to the local economies. And it all could have been done without sending anyone to Peru.

I call that a nice local-global story.


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