How rude! A journalist asked a question!

I have always loved Josh Rogin’s reports at The Cable at Foreign Policy magazine. This one is particularly telling of the Chinese government’s attitude toward reporters and free media.

Cable guy grills Chinese Defense Minister on U.S.-China military competition

Posted By Josh Rogin Sunday, June 5, 2011 – 1:20 AM

SINGAPORE – Rarely does a top Chinese government official take questions from foreign reporters in an open setting. But today, Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Liang Guanglie addressed the 10th annual IISS Shangri-La Security Dialogue and took several questions, including one set from your humble Cable guy.

We asked him to react to yesterday’s announcement by Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the U.S. would increase its military presence and involvement in Southeast Asia, which is widely seen as a response to Chinese assertiveness in the region and China’s recent aggressive actions in the heavily disputed South China Sea. We also asked him what the Chinese response would be and whether China’s development of anti-access and area denial weaponry was contributing to an arms race in Southeast Asia.

Liang spent most of his answer praising recent improvements in the U.S.-China military to military relationship, as Gates had done all weekend as part of the joint effort to portray a warming of ties. But Liang ended his remarks by claiming that in the South China Sea, “the freedom of navigation has never been impeded, has never been a problem, and the situation in the South China Sea remains stable.”

The Chinese officers in the room next door were clearly not happy with the Cable’s questions, one conference delegate told us after the session, and they were asking other conference goers for details about this “rude American reporter.” (Boldface mine.)

Click here to see video of the exchange and to take advantage of all the links Rogin placed in his original piece.


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One response to “How rude! A journalist asked a question!

  1. chahansan

    hul from this post I can see that they are indeed rude. Or it’s just american moral. ROFL
    but then I guess so am I for making fun of this…. HUL
    anyways, I think it’s better to be rude out straight than to do it like this “cable guy” thingy. Or maybe its just an american thing. lol

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