Great Firewall designer pelted with shoes and eggs

Don’t let anyone tell you that the  growing opposition to the Great Firewall of China is just a Western myth.

At a recent speech at Wuhan University Fang Binxing, the father of the great firewall of China, was pelted with shoes. And cheers were “heard” around the Internet in China.

The Guardian reported (China’s ‘great firewall’ creator pelted with shoes):

Associated Press said police were sent to the university to investigate a shoe-throwing incident targeting Fang on Thursday, citing an officer at the Luojiashan public security bureau.

A Hong Kong activist had posted a message noting that Fang, the president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, was giving a speech at Wuhan and urging students to “prepare”.

The Twitter user who claimed to have pelted him, who posts under the pseudonym @hanunyi, wrote: “The egg missed the target. The first shoe hit the target. The second shoe was blocked by a man and a woman.

The firewall prevents Internet users to access such simple sites as Facebook and the Internet Movie Database.

Okay, I can understand why the xenophobic leaders in Beijing want to block Facebook. (After all, the view is that it is not good to hear any opinions other than the ruling party.)

But to block iMDb?

Guess the leadership doesn’t want anyone to know about the great filmography of Steve Guttenberg.


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