Ethics in journalism: Belize women have an issue with a publication

Many thanks to Holly Edgell for pointing this out.

Seems The Guardian, the newspaper aligned with the ruling party, in Belize published a less-than-flattering picture of the head of the opposition party’s women’s group. The picture was of Gina Tillett leaning on a wall while sitting on the floor with what appears to be a bottle of rum in her hand.

For a number of women and women’s group the issue was political. (Women protest political tabloid’s publication of private photo) But it is also a lesson on what NOT to put on your Facebook page and a lesson in journalism ethics.

The editor of the Guardian says the picture was fair game because it was on Tillett’s Facebook page for all to see.

Fair enough. And there is the lesson in picture posting. (Something a lot of job applicants are finding out as well.)

As for the ethics of the posting, I think most fair-minded people would agree it was out-of-bounds.

The picture was clearly published only for its shock value. The accompanying text just identified her and her position. There was no explanation of where the picture came from or why the paper thought it important enough to publish.


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