A look at the foreign affairs budget

The State Department provides an excellent page on the foreign affairs budget: Foreign Assistance Dashboard.

From this site you can get a break down of where the money went and is going. This is a good tool for anyone looking to put into perspective what foreign affairs cost and what the American people get for their money.

For example, in Brazil, the FY2011 budget called for $20.9 million for programs ranging from peace and security to the environment. And the FY2011 budget for Indonesia was $227.5 million.

Or if you want to know how much the U.S. government is spending on HIV/AIDS projects, you can see that the FY2011 amount was about $5.8 billion, with African countries getting the bulk of the funds.

So take a look. It is a good resource for stories.

Oh, and let’s start with the fact that the entire civilian foreign affairs budget represents only about 1 percent of the total federal budget. That small percentage of the budget pays for all the diplomats (including those who issue visas and help Americans in trouble overseas), embassies and consulates, humanitarian aid, development projects and exchange programs.


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