Getting it right is difficult

So much has been written and said about the role of social media in the revolution that took place in Egypt this month. And I won’t add to it — for now.

Saw an interesting article in WIRED, however, that got me thinking about how the revolution was covered. (Pentagon’s Prediction Software Didn’t Spot Egypt Unrest)

There were a few comments in the early days about how some governments were caught off guard by the uprising in Cairo. But damn little follow up. Maybe now that things are calming down, media and government types can take a look at what was missed and why.

Maybe if Western media had more reporters in the area, they might have picked up some rumblings in the area. Assuming they spent time talking to people other than the power elite. But then again, even Al Jazeera was caught flat-footed on this one.

Maybe there is no answer as to why it was missed.

Sidebar: I still recall back in the 1980s when the Solidarity movement caught the U.S. government unawares in Poland. When a reporter asked the State Department why it did not see the workers’ uprising (that eventually led to the fall of the communist dictatorship) coming, the diplomat responded,” Do you really expect us to talk to workers?”


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